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  • Northview Middle School Renovation Project

    On April 1, 2014, the community was asked to consider bonding for $10 million in funds to renovate Northview Middle School. While the total project cost was estimated at $23.25 million, available sales tax was used to fund nearly 60% of the project, leaving $10 million for a general obligation bond. The referendum passed by a margin of 78.3%, and renovations began in spring 2014.  The project is on schedule to be complete by August 2016.

    Northview, which began its life as Ankeny High School is a nearly 40-year-old building that needs extensive:

    • Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and other mechanical system renovation
    • Electrical renovation
    • Security updates and changes

    These factors affected the school’s educational environment.  The building was also constructed before many of the security issues in our changing world were considered in school design.

    Because of the extensive and overlapping nature of the mechanical, electrical and security changes, as well as the need to bring the building up to numerous newer codes once renovation begins, this project is not the type of work that could be funded through the regular maintenance budget. In fact, it was determined to be far less expensive to the community if these renovations were all completed at one time, rather than completing work and later ripping out completed work to get to the next phase of renovation. The difference in cost could be as much as 50-60% of the project.

    While many of the ceilings and walls are removed, updated, or repaired during the mechanical, electrical and security work, it is also the cost-effective time to make any needed changes to classrooms to make Northview equitable to other newer Ankeny buildings.

    The renovations were started and are being accomplished while decreasing the school tax rate two consecutive years in a row.

    More information is available regarding this project through the links at the left. Additional information will be added and posted to this website as it becomes available.