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SchoolCafé Coming in May

The Ankeny Community School District has some exciting changes when it comes to school lunches.  We will begin using a new system called SchoolCafe this May. Lunch payments, auto-replenish, and low balance reminders will still be made through PayForIt, but SchoolCafe will provide some new features.

SchoolCafe will give parents easy access to students’ account balances and food purchases.  Menus with ingredient lists, nutritional and allergen information will also be viewable.

To make SchoolCafe easily accessible, you may download the free “SchoolCafe” app.  Students can, view account balances, as well as rate menus and favorite items. If they mark an item as a favorite in the app, SchoolCafe will notify them the next time that item is on the menu. SchoolCafe also has a feature called “Make a Tray” where you may build a menu from the items available that day and view the combined nutrient information. 

When SchoolCafe  launches May 1, 2017, you need to create a new username and password for this program.    You will continue making lunch payments, setup auto-replenish, and set low balance reminders through