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1004.20 Advertising and Promotion

The use of the District’s name, letterhead, logos, web design, or its buildings and sites and other resources for advertising and promoting products and/or services of entities is prohibited unless specifically approved by the District. The Superintendent/designee will adopt administrative rules and regulations to implement this policy. Fees for promotional use and/or licenses will be determined by the Board. It is the intent of this policy to protect the integrity of the District trademarks and logos, not to generate money for the District.

The rules and regulations adopted shall recognize the benefits of permitting the use of the District’s resources for educational and community purposes.

Adopted: June 7, 1999

Reviewed: October 6, 2003
November 15, 2010
May 20, 2013
December 15, 2014

Revised: November 15, 2010
May 20, 2013
December 15, 2014

R.R. 1004.20
Advertising and Promotion

Use of Logos for Retail and Other Sale

  1. In order to use logos and trademarks of the Ankeny Community School District on merchandise intended for sale, a vendor must be licensed through the District.
    The term “vendor” refers to the company producing, imprinting or creating the merchandise that includes the District logo. “Merchandise” does not include photocopies or paper printing, however vendors should request official art files from the District and follow the guidelines established.
  2. Vendors without a license agreement who imprint merchandise with Ankeny Community School District logos or trademarks for sale will be in violation of the District’s trademark rights. Vendors will be offered an opportunity to become licensed. If they do not become licensed, they will be required to stop using the logos.

Use of Logos for Promotional Purposes

  1. Use of District logos/trademarks to promote groups, companies, events or organizations (“for promotional purposes”), without actually selling trademarked merchandise requires a licensing agreement.
  2. Merchandise for mass distribution as a promotional item or give-away will be purchased from licensed vendors.
  3. Promotional use includes, but is not limited to, use on company vehicles, buildings, credit cards, banners, signs, calendars, sports schedules, promotional give-away merchandise and other marketing and promotional materials.
  4. Promotional use may not imply the District endorses a product, service, or company, or that a product, service or company is a part of the Ankeny Community School District. Any promotional text should be framed that “XYZ Company is a proud supporter of Ankeny Community Schools,” rather than “Ankeny Community Schools endorses XYZ Company.”

Use of Logos for Community Club Purposes

  1. Use of District logos/trademarks on local non-District related community club athletic team (Little League, AVBA, basketball league, etc.) uniforms is allowed, but requires a licensing agreement to be in place.
  2. Clubs should note that it is specifically prohibited to modify the logos to add other elements to create a new team or league logo.
  3. Licensing is required in these circumstances both to ensure teams are aware of use guidelines and to ensure high quality logo art files are provided to vendors.

Groups Exempt from Licensing

  1. Exempt groups and individuals do not need a license to use logos.
  2. Exempt groups shall purchase merchandise from licensed vendors.
  3. Exempt groups are required to follow all rules and guidelines.
  4. Exempt groups include:
    • Individual Ankeny Schools and the School District itself
    • Ankeny Schools athletic and activities teams and clubs
    • Ankeny Schools Booster Clubs
    • Ankeny Schools Parent-Teacher Organizations
    • Ankeny Alumni Association
    • Ankeny Community Schools Foundation
    • Ankeny Schools-sponsored student groups
    • Ankeny Schools faculty, staff and administration
    • School fundraisers

All other groups are required to be licensed for either promotional or vendor use. If there are questions as to whether a group is considered exempt, please call (515) 289-3950.

Student Use

No promotional license is required of any student to appropriately use District logos and trademarks in school projects, signs and banners related to school events, for fundraisers for school activities or projects, for graduation announcements, promotion of the school in general, for personal “school pride” use and other school-related uses.

  • Students must follow the published logo use guidelines.
  • This exemption does not include student use of logos for personal profit outside of school.

Further Responsibility of Those Using the Logos

  1. All vendors, groups, students, staff and other individuals, including exempt groups, using District logos and trademarks will comply with established rules and guidelines. Those who enter into a licensing agreement will also comply with the terms of the licensing agreement. Non-compliance with any of these governing documents risks loss of permission to use the logos and termination of any licensing agreement.
  2. Use of the logos and trademarks, and any messages, graphics or designs attached to the logo may not conflict with the mission, vision, values, goals, objectives or policies of the Ankeny Community School District. Promotional use must be in compliance with all state and federal laws governing the District.
  3. The Jaguar and Hawk logos of the District may be licensed for retail vending and promotional use, but the Ankeny Community School District logo (the “circle A”) may only be used by the District, and at its request.
  4. District logos cannot be used as a part of another organization’s logo, or modified in a way to create a new logo to represent a different organization, regardless of that organization’s exempt or non-exempt status.
  5. School logos must always be represented with their appropriate trademark (™) or registration ® indicator.
  6. Use of the logos and trademarks, and any messages, graphics or designs used with the logo may not disparage, taunt, or insult any school, person or group, either within or outside of the Ankeny Community School District.
  7. Logos and trademarks may not be used to promote conflict or negative rivalry between schools in the District. The District considers Ankeny to be one community, and therefore, rivalry messages one may see in collegiate sports (i.e., shirts with “Beat State,” or “House Divided”) are considered inappropriate by the District for use with its logos and trademarks.
  8. Due to the nature of their display and the ease of confusion between official District communications and those of a third party, District logos may not be used as a display “icon” or any person or organization’s social media site, other than those created specifically for District use and owned and operated by the District.
  9. The District reserves the right to order any company, individual or organization immediately cease and desist use of a logo, or to deny use of its logos to any individual, company or organization for any reason, but especially to those:
  1. who violate the rules noted here, or in the licensing agreements
  2. whose products are deemed inappropriate for minors by the District or by law
  3. whose advertising or promotion is deemed inappropriate by the District
  4. who make inappropriate or fraudulent claims or offers as determined by the District
  5. which are under investigation or are not in good standing in the community
  6. who have engaged in activities or events have transpired with which association would be detrimental to the reputation of the District

Ankeny Community School District reserves the right to request submission of designs for approval at any time during the licensing agreement.

Ankeny Community School District reserves the right to require tagging of merchandise in its local program. As of this time, tagging is not required through the local program.

To begin the process of licensing, contact the Board Secretary at (515)965-9600.

Reviewed: October 6, 2003
November 15, 2010
May 20, 2013
December 15, 2014
February 17, 2020

Revised: November 15, 2010
May 20, 2013
December 15, 2014
February 17, 2020