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1004.25 Distribution of Materials

The district is part of the larger Ankeny community and, as such, shall assist in communicating district-related and non-district-related information to the public subject to the following guidelines and procedures.

1. The district shall distribute the following district-related materials:

  1. Materials produced by organizations whose purpose it is to benefit the District by providing, financial, educational, or program support for the District, including but not limited to: the Ankeny School Foundation, various booster organizations that support extra-curricular programs, Parent Teacher Organizations, After Prom Committee, Community Engagement courses, and the Ankeny Alumni Association;
  2. Materials deemed by the superintendent/designee to be of importance and needing of public distribution.

2. The district may distribute non-district-related materials for an entity, activity, and/or event that :

  1. Benefits students and/or families within Ankeny; and
  2. Is a youth-related program, activity, and/or event for students and/or families; and
  3. Is intended to improve the health, education, and/or welfare of students; and
  4. Is sponsored by a non-profit organization and/or is a non-profit event.

3. The district shall not distribute materials that:

  1. Promote products, activities, and/or services that are illegal for students and/or prohibited by board policies and/or administrative rules.
  2. Use inappropriate words and/or images to promote otherwise-acceptable products or services.
  3. Promote products, activities, and/or services that run counter to the district’s mission.
  4. Encourage and/or can reasonably be anticipated to cause a disruption of the orderly educational process or operation of the district.
  5. Advertise a political candidate and/or political party.
  6. Advertise entities, products,and/or services that discriminate on the basis of sex, race, age, creed, color, marital status, national orientation, religion, disability, sexual orientation,and/or gender identity.

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