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1004.50 Community Use of District Facilities

The district may make some and/or all of its facilities available to organizations and/or individuals to promote cultural, educational, civic, community, and/or recreational activities when the use does not interfere with and/or disrupt the educational program and/or a school-related activity, is consistent with law, and will end no later than 10:00 PM unless otherwise approved by the superintendent/ designee. On rare occasions, the district may, in its discretion, permit renters to use district equipment and may require a custodial hire when such permission is granted.

All requests for the use of district facilities shall be submitted to the superintendent/designee for processing by the Community Engagement department.

The district reserves the right to deny use of the facilities and equipment to an entity for any lawful reason. The district has the discretion to temporarily alter and/or suspend the use of district facilities and/or to modify the process by which district facilities are rented without notice, provided that such action is not undertaken for an unlawful purpose.

Entities that use district facilities and/or equipment shall leave the facilities and/or equipment in the same condition they were in prior to use. Inappropriate use of district facilities and/or equipment may result in additional fees and/or restrictions on future use of facilities and/or equipment.

Any district employee interested in using district facilities for a purpose other than performance of their duties as a district employee shall do so as a renter not a district employee.

The superintendent/designee shall develop a fee schedule and administrative regulations regarding this policy.

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Cross Reference:
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802.41 Use of District Property and Equipment
902.10 Use of Tobacco at School Facilities
1004.40 Fees for Use of District Facilities

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