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1004.60 Community Fundraising

Fundraising for purposes of this policy is defined as activit(ies) conducted by students, their families, and/or staff to raise money and/or other resources for educational and co-curricular programs of the district. Fundraising pursuant to this policy shall be approved by the appropriate district personnel. Fundraising may take place on or away from district property.

The board values fundraising for the benefit of all buildings within the district and, where possible, encourages the equitable distribution of these funds.

Any participation in community fundraising shall have a specific purpose, be voluntary, be purely at the discretion of the potential participant, take into account the safety of students and staff, and ensure the transparency of fundraising goals. Before the beginning of a campaign, the relevant principal shall inform students and parents of the fundraiser’s goal and provide an option to parents to make a contribution to the fundraising organization.

Fundraising may occur as a district-wide effort and/or at the individual attendance center (building) and/or program level. The board may designate a district-wide charitable giving campaign(s) the contributions to which may be funded through payroll deductions.

Each attendance center may, at the discretion of the relevant building principal, choose to initiate up to three fundraising campaigns per school year. The relevant building principal may also elect to allow ad hoc fundraising campaigns in response to needs for staff/community/family support. For building-level fundraising where the beneficiary of the fundraising is the school, the school shall consider other sources of funding before undertaking fundraising.

If items are being sold as part of a fundraiser, the percentage the district will actually net shall be explicitly identified. Fundraising sponsors shall not set an amount each student is required to raise and shall minimize rewards for meeting fundraising targets.

Prior to any purchase of, or fundraising for the purchase of goods or services for the district, the group organizing the fundraising shall confer with the superintendent/designee to ensure the goods and/or services for which the fundraising is intended meet district needs, goals, and standards. The district may, in its discretion, choose not to accept goods and/or services for which funds have been raised pursuant to this policy.

Funds raised for the district pursuant to this policy may be kept as part of the district’s accounts. If fundraising is for the building, the relevant building principal/designee shall complete and submit a fundraising reconciliation report according to business office procedures. The district’s cash handling procedures shall be followed for all fundraisers.

Fundraising sponsors shall take the district wellness policy into consideration when planning fundraisers.

Student Humanitarian Fundraising:
Students may raise funds for humanitarian causes/efforts with permission of the building principal. Students interested in doing this shall complete and submit a fundraising purpose statement and provide to the relevant principal/designee at least 48 hours prior to any proposed fundraising activity. The relevant building principal must approve any such fundraiser prior to any fundraising activity. Students leading the fundraising are responsible for securing and appropriately caring for funds collected. District employees shall not handle/hold cash for student fundraising initiatives. Students shall adhere to these requirements or the fundraising activity shall be discontinued. Fundraising activities shall take place during non-instructional times; fundraising activities that cause disruption to the school environment shall be discontinued.

Fundraising by Parent/Student Organizations:
Subject to the terms of this and other board policies and law, parent, booster, and/or student organizations may engage in fundraising activities on behalf of curricular or extracurricular activities. The organization shall seek the consent of the relevant Activities Director and/or building principal prior to undertaking the relevant fundraising efforts. The fundraising effort shall not commence until the Activities Director or relevant building principal has approved the fundraiser.

Student/parent fundraising activities shall reflect the values of the district, be appropriate for the age group, and explicitly communicate the reason for the fundraiser. Any gambling or raffle activity shall meet the laws of the State of Iowa. Student/parent organizations with fundraising plans are encouraged to meet with the relevant building principal(s) to minimize overlap in fundraising efforts.

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Activity Report-Permission Request
Resale Reconciliation

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