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1004.60 Community Fundraising

Fundraising for purposes of this policy is defined as activities conducted by students, their families, and/or staff to raise money for educational and co-curricular programs of District schools. The Board values fundraising for the benefit of all buildings within the District and where possible encourages the equitable distribution of these funds. Any participation is voluntary and purely at the discretion of the person.

Fundraising may occur as a District-wide effort or at the building level. The Board may designate a District-wide charitable giving campaign. Those campaigns approved by the Board may be funded through payroll deductions.

Buildings may choose to initiate up to three fundraising campaigns per school year. The final discretion for building campaigns rest with the building principal. It is the responsibility of the building principal to be the liaison with the school district-community groups affiliated with the building principal’s attendance center. There may be ad hoc initiatives for building participation in response to a staff/community/family support events with permission of the principal.

Prior to any purchase of, or fundraising for the purchase of goods or services for the District, the group will confer with the Superintendent/designee to assist the group in purchasing goods or services to meet the District’s needs.

Funds raised by these groups for the District may be kept as part of the accounts of the District.

R.R. 1004.60 Community Fundraising

Fundraising is any activity, permitted under a school board’s policy, to raise money or other resources that is approved by the appropriate administrative personnel operating in the name of the school and for which the school provides the administrative processes for collection. Such activities may take place on or off District property.

Guiding Principles:
Participation is voluntary.
Participation should be consistent with the mission and values of the District.
Safety of students and the participation in these events is primary.
Fundraising goals should be transparent.

Fundraising for Building Efforts:
Each year the building may select no more than three building fundraising activities.
Principals will be the liaison for fundraising purposes with the charitable organization or fundraising company. Before the beginning of a campaign, students/parents should be informed of the goal of the fundraiser and given an option to write a check to the organization. Fundraising goals should support building goals.

Each fundraiser should have a specific purpose. If using an outside vendor for a sales project, the student should be able to state with clarity the purpose of the fund-raising campaign.

For building level fundraising, where “the beneficiary” of the fundraising activity is the school, consider other sources of funding before fundraising is undertaken.

If items are being sold, the percentage which will actually be gained by the school organization should be identified, i.e., if the purchase of $20 worth of popcorn will net the organization $5, this should be known. A person might prefer to give a $5 donation rather than buy the $20 worth of product.

Sponsors should not set an amount that each student is required to raise. Rewards to specific students should be minimized or given to the group as a whole. The cost of the rewards detracts from the net profit of the group.

The emphasis should be on working for the activity or group rather than for themselves.
If the fundraising is for the building, a completed fundraising reconciliation report will be required.

Cash should not be kept within building offices, classrooms, or by individuals. Any cash collected during the day should be turned over to the business office at the close of each school day.

The District wellness policy 504.11 must be considered when planning a fund raiser. Contact the business office or refer to policy 504.11 for specific information.
Building facilities used for the fundraising event after the school day must be scheduled through Community Engagement. Any facility cost will be waived.

Student Humanitarian Fundraising:
Students may raise funds for humanitarian causes/efforts with permission of the building principal.

Students should fill out a fundraising purpose statement and provide to the school principal/designee. It must be approved by the building principal before any activity can proceed. The principal must receive a minimum of “48 hours” notice before any fundraising activity occurs. Students are reminded that they are responsible for funds collected and are responsible for securing those funds. Teachers or other District personnel should not handle/hold cash for student fundraising initiatives.

Students must adhere to these rules and regulations or the fundraising activity will be discontinued. Fundraising activities must be during non-instructional times and if those activities cause disruption to school functions or to student decorum, those activities will be discontinued. Students who are approved may, after consultation with the Community Engagement office, use facilities free of charge.

Fundraising for District Level Activities:
The Board of Education will annually approve participation in a District-wide program.
Any program approved by the Board, may use payroll deductions.

Fundraising by Parent/Student Organizations:
Parent, booster, or student organizations may proceed with fundraising activities on behalf of curricular or extracurricular activities.

The activities director/designee must be advised of the fundraising activity prior to the start of the activity. The activities director/designee must provide approval for the fundraising event. Student/Parent fundraising activities must reflect the values of the community and be appropriate for the age group. Any gambling or raffle activity should meet the laws of the State of Iowa.

Organizations should clearly note the reason for the fundraising.

Student/Parent organizations with fundraising plans should meet with the building principal to minimize overlap in fundraising efforts.

1004.60F: Please download the forms and enter information in the fillable portions.

Activity Report-Permission Request

Resale Reconciliation

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