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101.00 Mission Statement and Essential Learnings

Mission (Our Core Purpose and Distinction)

Ankeny Community Schools is unified in its commitment, passion, and vision so every learner is prepared to achieve a lifetime of personal success.

Core Values (Drivers of Our Words and Actions)

  • Community – Learn and work together experiencing belonging, respect and collaboration
  • Challenge – Develop high expectations and rigor with accountability
  • Excellence – Pursue passionately world-class learning and continuous improvement
  • Inspiration – Nurture the diverse aspirations of all learners
  • Leadership – Model accountability to the district strategic road map, by acting intentionally, disciplined and compassionate in words and action

Vision (What We Intend to Create)

Ankeny Community Schools will establish a culture known for:

Achievement and Responsiveness whereby:

  • All students are engaged in and accountable for their learning
  • All students are achieving their potential and prepared for success beyond PK-12
  • All students are accessing individualized and challenging programming

 Innovation and Professionalism whereby:

  • All staff are high-quality and engaged with a clear focus on students and learning
  • All students and staff are integrating technology innovations which accelerate learning and assure success for all

 Leadership and Unity whereby:

  • All embrace and are engaged and are utilizing the comprehensive strategic roadmap to guide every priority and decision

 Strategic Directions (Prioritized Allocation of Resources)

  • Align all internal and external partnerships, works and interests to the Strategic Roadmap and Operational Plan
  • Implement fully a defined and aligned district core curriculum
  • Embed technology as a core asset and tool for learning, teaching, communicating and managing
  • Attract, develop, reward, and retain highly effective staff
  • Differentiate the core curriculum, instruction, assessments and interventions to better meet student needs
  • Increase learning for all students and reduce the achievement gap through individualized learning plans

Cross Reference:

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