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103.00 Strategic Plan

The Board believes in establishing metrics to assess how well the District is doing in meeting its Mission and Vision. These metrics will be reviewed by collecting data from its community, students, parents and staff. In conjunction with the strategic plan, the Board shall authorize the appointment of committees comprised of representatives from the following groups: administrators, employees, parents, students, and community members. These committees will assist the Board in evaluation programs and determining the priorities of the District and the educational program. Several of these committees will together compose the School Improvement Advisory Committee (SIAC). Other committees deemed necessary by the administration and Board will be created in order to specifically deal with issues relevant to the successful education of students. These committees work independently to obtain input from constituents. Committees then channel that input through to the Board.

It shall be the responsibility of the superintendent/designee to ensure that the community is informed about student progress required by federal programs, state indicators and metrics, and locally- determined benchmarks. In addition, the superintendent/designee shall share annually with the Board the methods used to report the information listed above and the district’s progress toward its goals.

As a result of the Board’s and committees’ work, the Board shall determine and prioritize major educational needs; develop long-range goals and plans to meet the needs; establish and implement short-range and intermediate-range plans to meet the goals and to attain desired levels of student performance; evaluate progress toward meeting goals and maintain a record of progress under the plan that includes reports of student performance and results of school improvement projects; and annually report the district’s progress made under the plan to the committees, community, and the Iowa Department of Education.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §21,256.7(4), 280.12, .18 (1989).
281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3 (3) (new standards)

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