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201.30 General Powers and Duties

A school corporation is entrusted with public funds for the purpose of improving student outcomes, including but not limited to student academic achievement and skill proficiency, and the board of directors of the school corporation is responsible for overseeing such improvement.

Under Iowa law, the Board shall make rules to govern the operation of the District.

The Board has four major kinds of duties:

  1. Legislative: The Board represents the people of the District and will function as a policy-making body. The Board has complete jurisdiction over the District and its employees.
  2. Executive: The Board selects an executive officer, the Superintendent of Schools, and delegates the authority for formulating and overseeing all regulations, plans, and administrative details necessary to ensure the policies of the Board are carried out in the daily operation of the District.
  3. Evaluative: It is the Board’s duty to determine, through careful study and examination of facts and conditions, whether the District is being operated in terms of the effectiveness of the District’s instructional programs based on a sound philosophy of education as formulated by the Board and in terms of efficiency in economic functions.
  4. Judicial: The Board performs a judicial function in the appeal process of Board Policy and as prescribed in the Code of Iowa.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §279.1

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