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203.20 Adoption of Policy

The Board shall appoint a Board Policy Committee, annually rotating its membership to write, review, revise and present policy/procedure to the Board for consideration.

The Board may refer those issues related to policy for this committee to study and recommend appropriate Board action.

The Board shall give notice of proposed policies receiving substantive changes or new adoptions by placing them on the agenda of two Board meetings. Policies receiving 5-year reviews, without substantive changes, may receive one reading. The proposed policy changes/reviews shall be distributed with the agenda. This procedure shall be required except for emergency situations.

The final action taken to adopt the proposed policy shall be approved by a simple majority vote of the Board. The policy will be effective on the date of passage or the date stated in the motion.

In the case of an emergency, a new or changed policy may be adopted by a majority vote of a quorum of the Board. The emergency policy shall expire at the close of the fourth regular meeting following the emergency action, unless the policy adoption procedure stated above is followed, and the policy is reaffirmed.

If the Board adopts a policy in an emergency situation, a statement regarding the emergency and the need for immediate adoption of the policy shall be included in the minutes. The Board shall have complete discretion to determine what constitutes an emergency situation.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยง279.8 (1989).
281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3(2) (new standards)

Cross Reference:
Responsibilities of School Board School Board Management Procedures

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