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203.21 Dissemination of Policy

A current Board Policy Manual shall be on the District website and a printed hard copy form will be kept available for public use in the administrative offices. Persons wishing to inspect the Board Policy Manual shall contact the Board Secretary, who shall have a Board Policy Manual available for public inspection between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, except for holidays and recesses.

It shall be the responsibility of the Human Resource Office to ensure that copies of new and revised policy statements are uploaded to the website and revisions are sent to the custodians of Board Policy Manuals in a timely manner after final Board approval. Copies of changes in Board policy shall also be attached to the minutes of the meeting at which the final action was taken to adopt the new or changed policy. The Human Resource Office will be responsible for maintaining a master policy manual.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยง277.31, 279.8 (1989).
281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3 (2) (new standards).

Cross Reference:
Responsibilities of School Board
School Board Management Procedures

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