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203.23 Review and Revision of Policy

The Board Policy Committee will review the existing Board Policy Manual and recommend readoption or revision and adoption to the Board once every five years.

If the policy reviewed has no substantial revision, it may be presented to the Board for readoption and require one reading to reaffirm the policy. Once reaffirmed, a notation of the date of review shall be made in the master policy manual.

If the policy reviewed has revisions, the Board Policy Committee shall present the policy to the Board for adoption as required of any new policy. For the first reading approval, a copy of the adopted revised policy with the corresponding additions and/or strike-throughs shall be included in the Board minutes. For the second reading approval, only the final revised policy will be included in the Board minutes.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยง279.8 (1989).
281 Iowa Admin. Code 12.3(2) (new standards).

Cross Reference:
100.00 Statement of Educational Philosophy
200 Series: General Organization
203 Series: Procedures of Operation

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