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203.90 Naming of Facilities

The Board will establish a Facility Naming Committee when naming or renaming facilities.  The Superintendent/designee will serve as chairperson for the committee. The chairperson shall determine the timelines, schedules and name collection procedures for completing the committee’s assignment.  The committee may include stakeholder groups including students, parents, certified staff, classified staff, administration and community.

The Ankeny School District believes that it may grant naming rights to include District facilities, including buildings, grounds, and school sponsored events.  This policy does not include scholarships or research grants. For school sponsored events, activities, or performances, the Activities Department may entertain requests for naming rights when an application is submitted. The Activities Department will use the process delineated in administrative rules for determining naming rights.  Naming of an event or activity does need Superintendent/designee approval, but does not need Board approval.

Naming Rights for facilities, buildings, or grounds may be initiated through a Board motion, a recommendation of the Superintendent, or by application from the community which would need to be approved by the Board. The Board has discretion to determine whether “Naming for Consideration” or “Naming for Recognition” will apply.  The administrative rules will set forth the process for naming.

General Statement of Policy

Ankeny Public Schools recognizes two circumstances in which the District may grant naming rights: Naming rights in consideration and naming rights in recognition. In each circumstance, the District enters into a written agreement about the nature of the naming right. The provisions of this policy govern any agreement.


“Facilities” are district-owned buildings and properties, including outdoor fields, streets and areas. Items, for which naming rights may be awarded, include but are not limited to the following:

  • Auditoriums/Theaters
  • Gymnasiums
  • Libraries
  • Gardens/Walks
  • Athletic Fields/Facilities
  • Concessions/Locker Rooms
  • Rooms
  • Other facilities named by the board not specifically mentioned.
  • “Naming rights in consideration” is recognition for financial contributions, sponsorship or other commercial transactions. Naming rights for consideration does not apply to activities or events.
  • “Naming rights in recognition” is recognition of a significant contribution to the District, community, state or nation or an alumnus that the district wishes to honor.

Naming Rights in Consideration

  • The District may grant naming rights in consideration to recognize contributions made to the district. The contribution may be a financial contribution, sponsorship or the provision of equipment, materials, land or services. These contributions may be used at the discretion of the District.

Naming Rights in Recognition

  • The District may grant naming rights in recognition to recognize contributions to the district that were not contributed to the district for the purpose of receiving naming rights. Naming rights for these contributions are at the discretion of the District.
  • One of the following criteria must be met for granting naming rights in recognition:
    • Recognition of outstanding service to the District while serving in an academic, activities, or administrative capacity or outstanding service to the Ankeny community; or
    • Recognition of the achievements of distinguished alumni; or
    • Recognition of a generous financial or other contribution from a donor (be it by way of donation, bequest, sponsorship, etc.), such being voluntary and not rendered in consideration of granting of naming rights.

Granting Naming Rights

  • In granting naming rights, either “in consideration” or “in recognition,” due regard should be taken of the need to maintain an appropriate balance between commercial considerations and the role which names of buildings and spaces contribute to the District’s sense of identity as well as their role in assisting staff, students and visitors to orient themselves within a campus.
  • The granting of naming rights must always be consistent with the District’s mission and vision. The long-term effects of the naming rights must be considered.
  • Each granting of Board approved naming rights is bound by a written agreement defined by this policy and all other applicable board policies.

Informed Consent

  • The District shall not grant a naming right without the informed consent of the named party.

Guidelines for Nomination of Naming Rights

  • When the board approves the naming of a facility (as defined above). The Superintendent will first decide the monetary valuation of each naming right after receiving a recommendation from the CFO who may take advice from such persons or other professionals, as needed.  The CFO will take the monetary valuation estimate to the facility committee for a confirmation. Each case should take into account market comparisons for naming rights for which professional advice may be sought.

Duration of Naming Rights

  • The duration of naming rights is decided or negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and will be included in resolution acted on by the board.

Physical Display of Naming Rights

  • Whether there is a physical display of the naming rights is decided or negotiated on a case-by-case basis. In the case of buildings, the physical display of the naming rights will take into account the identification of the District and opportunities offered by that building for the district.
  • When “naming rights in recognition” is awarded, plaques may, with the approval of the Superintendent/designee, be installed in buildings.


  • “Naming rights in consideration” may be transferred by mutual agreement between all parties. “Naming rights in recognition” may not be transferred.


  • In the board action, the naming rights may be renewed beyond the agreed upon time noted in the board resolution. Naming rights may be renewed by mutual agreement between all parties.

Limit of Naming Rights

  • On the Part of the District
    • The District’s right to use the name and other brand elements of the named party is permitted by express agreement with the named party.
  • On the Part of the Named Party
    • The named party, after whom a building or part of a building is named, has no decision-making rights as to the purpose of the building or part of the building unless specifically provided for in the written agreement between the parties. The District will not agree to any condition in an agreement that could unnecessarily limit progress toward the district’s mission and purpose, statutory obligations, or the local authority of the school board. In turn, the named party has no liability in respect of that building or part of a building unless provided for in a specific contract between the parties. Any such limits must be included in any naming rights’ agreement.

Termination of Naming Rights

  • In addition to any remedies for breach of the written agreement granting naming rights, the parties may terminate a naming rights agreement in advance of the scheduled termination date under the following conditions:
    • Termination by the District – The District reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the naming rights without refund of consideration, prior to the scheduled termination date, should it feel it is necessary to do so to avoid the district being brought into disrepute. This decision is at the sole discretion of the District and will be recommended with board action.
    • Termination by the Named Party – The named party may, without refund of consideration, at its sole discretion, terminate its acceptance of the naming rights prior to the scheduled termination date, in the event that the District directly brings the named party into disrepute.

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