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203.90 Naming of Facilities

The district may grant naming rights to district facilities, including buildings and grounds, and to districtsponsored events in consideration and/or in recognition. In each circumstance, the district shall enter into a written agreement about the nature, duration, and renewability (or lack thereof) of the naming right. The provisions of this policy shall govern any such agreement.

In granting naming rights, the district shall strive to maintain an appropriate balance between commercial considerations and the way names contribute to the district’s sense of identity and in assisting individuals to orient themselves within a campus. The district shall consider the long-term effect of naming rights and shall only grant them if they are consistent with the district’s mission and statutory obligations. The district shall not grant a naming right without first receiving the written consent of the named part(ies).

The district has the discretion in each instance of naming rights to determine whether to provide a physical display acknowledging the naming rights.

In addition to any remedies for breach of the written agreement granting naming rights, the parties may terminate a naming rights agreement in advance of the scheduled termination date under the following conditions:

  • Termination by the District – The District reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to terminate the naming rights without refund of consideration, prior to the scheduled termination date, should it feel it is necessary to do so to avoid the district being brought into disrepute. This decision is at the sole discretion of the District and shall be recommended by the superintendent/designee for action by the board.
  • Termination by the Named Party – The named party may, without refund of consideration, at its sole discretion, terminate its acceptance of the naming rights prior to the scheduled termination date, in the event that the district directly brings the named party into disrepute.

Naming Rights for Facilities
Naming rights for facilities may be initiated through a board motion and/or a recommendation of the superintendent. For the purpose of this policy, “facilities” shall be defined as district-owned buildings and
property. Naming rights may be awarded for facilities including but are not limited to the following: auditoriums/theaters; gymnasiums; libraries; gardens/walks; athletic fields; concession areas; locker rooms;
classrooms; other facilities named by the board not specifically mentioned.

When the board determines that naming rights will be available for facilit(ies), the board shall establish a facility naming committee composed of employees, students, parents, and/or other community members when naming or renaming facilities. The superintendent/designee shall serve as chairperson for the committee and shall determine the timelines, schedules, and name collection procedures for completing the committee’s assignment.

The board has discretion to determine whether “Naming for Consideration” or “Naming for Recognition” will apply. “Naming for Consideration” is given in recognition of financial contributions, sponsorship, and/or other commercial transactions including the provision of equipment, materials, land, and/or services. These contributions may be used at the district’s discretion and may be transferred by mutual agreement of all parties. “Naming for Recognition” is given to acknowledge a significant contribution to the district, community, state, and/or nation. At least one of the following criteria must be met to grant Naming Rights for Recognition: (1) outstanding service to the district and/or to the Ankeny community; (2) achievement(s) of alumn(i); and/or (3) voluntary financial and/or other contribution from a donor by way of donation, bequest, and/or sponsorship not rendered in consideration of granting of naming rights. “Naming for Recognition” may not be transferred.

The party after whom and/or in whose honor a facility is named shall have no rights to determine the facility’s purpose and/or use unless said rights are explicitly and specifically provided in the written agreement between the parties. The designation of a facility in honor of a named party shall not cause that party to have liability with respect to that facility unless otherwise explicitly provided for in a contract between the parties; such determinations of liability shall be included in any agreement for naming rights.

When the board approves the naming of a facility, the superintendent/designee shall propose the monetary valuation of each naming right, taking into account market comparisons, and present it to the Facilities and Finance Committee for confirmation. This amount shall then be presented to the Board for approval.

Naming Rights for Events, Activities, and/or Performances
The relevant attendance center(s) activities department(s) may entertain requests for naming rights for districtsponsored events, activities, and/or performances, subject to the approval of the superintendent/designee. Naming for events, activities, and/or performances shall only be “for recognition” as defined above.

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