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204.12 Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of Open Meetings
Records of all transactions of the Board shall be set forth in full in the official minutes. The minutes shall include the time, date, and location of each meeting, the members present and absent, all motions made, the name of the Board member making the motion, the name of the Board member who seconded the motion, and a record of the vote. The record of the vote should show how individual members voted, but it need not be by roll call vote.

The minutes shall be kept on file as the permanent official record of school legislation in the District. The Board Secretary shall act as custodian of the minutes and shall make them available to any citizen who desires to examine them during the usual office hours of the District.

Minutes of Closed Sessions
Tape recordings and/or detailed minutes shall be kept of all closed sessions which are exceptions to the Open Meetings Law. The minutes establishing and concluding the closed session shall show the time, date, and place of the meeting, members present, and issues discussed. A tape recording of the session must be made. The tape recordings of closed sessions are sealed records that may be reviewed by a judge or by appropriate administrators and Board members. The tape recordings and written minutes shall be maintained for a one-year period. Minutes and recordings pertaining to real estate purchases are open to the public after the real estate transaction has been completed.

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