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205.20 Membership in State and National Associations

The Board shall maintain an active relationship and give consideration to membership in the Iowa Association of School Boards, National Association of School Boards, and Ankeny Chamber of Commerce.

Each year that the Board pays membership dues to the Iowa Association of School Boards, it shall report to the local community the amount the board pays in annual dues to the Iowa Association of School Boards, the amount of any fees paid and revenue or dividend payments received for services the board receives from the association or from any of the association’s affiliated for-profit entities, and the products or services the school district received inclusive with membership in the association.

It is vital, as members of the leadership team in the Ankeny Community School District, that School Board members take part in learning opportunities fostering Board development both individually and as a group.

Legal Reference: 
Iowa Code § 279.38

January 5, 1987

January 19, 2009
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