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213.00 Public Participation in Board Meetings

The Board recognizes the importance of citizen participation and encourages the community to participate in District matters. The public may participate during the Communication from the Public portion of the meeting or by placing an official agenda item before the Board.

State law prohibits the Board of Education from deliberating and/or taking action on items not publicly posted in advance of the Board meeting for community review, except in emergency situations. Therefore, the Board will not deliberate or take action on comments shared during Communication from the Public. The Board may table an agenda item for the purpose of further discussion.

To officially request that an item be added to the agenda for a Board of Education meeting, an individual must notify the Superintendent/designee of the suggested in sufficient time to meet notification requirements in Board Policy 204.60 Notice of Meetings.

The Board of Education reserves the right to deliberate and take action on official agenda items.

To allow for maximum participation and to allow timely completion of Board meetings, the president/designee shall allow each citizen addressing the Board of Education during Communication from the Public and/or in conjunction with an official agenda item three minutes for remarks. The Board of Education reserves the discretion to extend, limit or suspend community participation.

The Board will not address comments about personnel or individual students which are protected by the law.

Petition for Inclusion of Item on Board Agenda

If the Board receives a petition signed by a number of the District’s eligible electors equal in number to at least ten percent of the persons who voted in the last preceding election of school officials under section 277.1, or five hundred eligible electors, whichever is less, the Board shall place the proposal specified in the petition on the agenda of the next regular meeting of the school board or on the agenda of a school board meeting held within thirty days of receipt of the petition.

If the proposal relates to curriculum, District may halt use of the subject instructional materials until the Board holds the meeting at which the proposal is presented and discussed. The meeting notice shall include a brief description of the proposal.

The Board shall provide sufficient time to receive public comment on the proposal. The board shall allow each interested member of the public to speak at the meeting regarding the proposal, but may impose a time limit on the amount of time a member of the public is allowed to speak if the time limit is the same for each speaker and necessary due to the amount of people wishing to speak.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 21; 22; 279.8 (2007).

Cross Reference:
200.00 Guiding Principles
204.60 Notice of Meetings
204.90 Agenda Preparation
210.90 Consent Agenda
307.00 Communication Channels
400.56 Public Complaints About Employees
502.04 Student Complaints and Grievances

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