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303.30 Administrative Personnel Employment – Individual Contracts

The district shall issue contracts to those administrators required under law to have employment contracts. These contracts with administrators shall be in writing and state the number of contract days, the annual compensation to be paid, and any other matters as may be mutually agreed upon.

Such contracts shall be approved by the board, signed by the board president, and filed with the board.

Administrators under the terms of a Chapter 279 contract shall be in a probationary period for three (3) years; the board may not waive this period.

Unless mutually modified or terminated by the parties, following expiration, the administrator’s contract shall automatically continue in force for one year or as otherwise approved by the superintendent consistent with Iowa Code.

The contract is invalid if an administrator is under contract for the same time period with another board of education and shall remain invalid until such contract shall have been released or terminated by its provisions.

The board shall issue at-will employment agreements to administrators not covered by the terms of Chapter 279 of the Iowa Code . These agreements shall provide the rate of pay and any other matters as may be mutually agreed upon.

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