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303.40 Development, Monitoring, and Enforcement of Administrative Regulations

The superintendent/designee shall develop administrative regulations needed to implement board policy. In developing administrative regulations, the superintendent/designee shall consult with administrators and/or others likely to be impacted by the regulations. Once regulations are developed, members of the school community shall be informed of the regulations in a manner determined by the superintendent/designee.

The superintendent/designee shall monitor administrative regulations and revise them when necessary. The superintendent/designee has the discretion to seek input from the board, administrators, employees, students, and/or other members of the school community about the effect of and/or possible changes in administrative regulations.

The superintendent/designee will keep the board informed of administrative regulations. The board, in its discretion, may review and recommend change(s) of administrative regulation(s) prior to their use if the regulations contradict the intent of board policy.

The superintendent/designee shall enforce administrative regulations.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยง 279.8; .20

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