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304.20 Authority to Suspend Employees

Subject to the parameters outlined below and any other relevant provisions in law and/or policy, the  superintendent/designee may suspend any employee of the district with or without pay. When an employee is suspended without pay, the impact on the employee’s district-provided benefits shall be governed by applicable provisions of state and federal law.

An employee shall not be suspended without pay for more than five (5) work days per disciplinary incident without prior notification to the board of the need to suspend for six (6) work days or more. When the superintendent/designee believes a longer suspension without pay is necessary, the superintendent shall notify the board that the suspension is anticipated to extend beyond five (5) work days.

Prior to issuing a suspension without pay, the superintendent/designee shall meet with the relevant employee to provide notice of the allegation(s) and an explanation of relevant evidence and to provide the employee an opportunity to respond. Within five (5) work days of receipt of notice of suspension without pay, the suspended employee may present the superintendent/designee with a written request for board review of the suspension.  The board shall consider that request at the next scheduled board meeting where public notice requirements do not preclude action.

The superintendent/designee may suspend an employee with pay for the purposes of investigating circumstances which may require discipline up to and including termination.

400.58 Suspension

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