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400.00 Creation of Positions and Approval of Hires

The Board’s goal is to provide an educational program of the highest possible standard.

It shall be the Board’s policy to recruit and retain qualified and effective employees of the highest caliber. As role models for students, employees will promote a cooperative, enthusiastic, and supportive learning environment.

The Board must approve the broad purpose and function of each proposed newly-created position and, through the annual budget certification process, must approve the approximate number of employees that will fill each position in the coming fiscal year. However, the Superintendent/designee may petition the Board for creation of new position(s) and/or an increase in the number of employees filling each position at any time if such action is necessary to fulfill the requirements of an IEP, to meet needs related to unforeseen enrollment projections, and/or to otherwise meet pressing student needs.

The Superintendent/designee shall have the authority to extend offers to licensed staff and non-licensed administrators but shall not issue contracts and/or employment agreements to these individuals until the Board has approved their hire.  The Superintendent/designee shall have the authority to offer employment and issue employment agreements to confidential and classified staff without Board approval.

Cross Reference:
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