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400.03 Workplace Privacy and Searches

The District attempts to provide employees with equipment and supplies that permit work to be done efficiently and effectively. Equipment and supplies furnished to the employee are District property and are to be used only for conducting District business unless specified otherwise in policy or collective bargaining agreements. The District also attempts to maintain a safe environment for students and employees and this safety concern requires that the District be permitted access to any personal items brought onto District property or to District events.

An employee may be furnished with a desk or work space by the District. A District supplied desk or work space may be inspected by the District at any time, with or without notice to the employee. An employee may not assume any right to privacy in an area or desk supplied by the District.

The District assumes no liability for any item of personal property brought onto school property, including outdoor facilities and parking areas. Any such items are subject to inspection by the District at any time, with or without notice to the employee.

The District may provide an employee with access to telephone service, computers or other electronic devices. These items are the District’s property and may be used consistent with policies for use of technology. Documents created on District computers or electronic devices may be considered public records. The District may enter, examine and copy any electronic record, computer file or computer communication on any computer located on District property or belonging to the District. The District may monitor and record any telephone communication and may examine and copy or record any voice mail communication conducted with District equipment or on District property.

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