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400.06 Gifts to Employees

A District employee, member of the Board of Education, Board officer, or candidate for the Board or those persons’ immediate family members are prohibited from soliciting and accepting gifts from a restricted donor. A restricted donor is any of the following:

  1. A party to a sale, purchase, lease, or contract with a public agency in which the donee is employed or is an office holder; or
  2. Someone who will personally be directly and substantially affected financially by the performance of the donee’s official duty in a way greater than the public or a class or persons; or
  3. Someone who is personally the subject of or a party to a pending matter before a regulatory agency over which the donee has discretionary authority; or
  4. A lobbyist or a client of a lobbyist within matters subject to donee’s jurisdiction.

The acceptance of a token of appreciation is not to be considered in violation of this policy. It is the responsibility of each employee to know when it is appropriate to accept or reject gifts or an honorarium.

Exceptions to this policy and procedures for reporting are in compliance with state law outlined in related administrative rules and regulations.

Legal References:
Iowa Code ch. 68B (2009).
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Cross References:
217.00 Gifts to Board of Directors

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