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400.09 Staff Access to District Provided Telecommunications, Electronic, and Networked Information Resources

The District supports the appropriate use of technology-based information resources by staff members. These resources include District-provided networks, electronic media, and telecommunications tools, such as access to Internet resources.

Access privileges to District networks and electronic information resources will be given to the staff as is appropriate to the site and assignment. Staff use of telecommunications and electronic information resources external to District provided networks is a privilege which, if abused, may be revoked.

District-provided telecommunications, electronic, and networked information resources are for the advancement and promotion of learning and teaching, however, incidental personal use is allowed. The use of these resources shall be consistent with the District’s educational mission and policy and state and federal laws and regulations. Failure to abide by District policy, administrative procedures, and applicable laws governing use of these resources may result in the suspension and/or revocation of access to these resources. Additionally, any staff violation may result in discipline in accordance with appropriate Board policies and administrative procedures. Fees, fines, or other charges assessed to the District may be imposed as a result of misuse of these technology resources by a staff member.

Cross Reference:
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