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400.72 Intellectual Freedom

Discrimination against District employees and/or students on the basis of their protected speech, including demonstrations of intellectual freedom, is impermissible.

The District shall not dismiss, suspend, discipline, reassign, transfer, subject to termination or nonrenewal of a teaching contract issued under Iowa Code 279.13 or an extracurricular contract issued under 279.19A, or otherwise retaliate against an employee acting within the scope of the person’s professional ethics, if any, for (1) acting to protect a student for engaging in a protected demonstration of intellectual freedom and/or (2) refusing to infringe upon a student’s protected demonstration of intellectual freedom and/or protected rights under the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States, or Article I, section 7, of the Constitution of  the State of Iowa.

A District employee who holds a license, certificate, statement of recognition, or authorization issued by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners under chapter 272 and who discriminates against a student or employee in violation of this section shall be subject to a hearing conducted by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners which may result in disciplinary action, and the employee’s employment may be terminated.

An employee shall not retaliate against a student or another employee who files a complaint related to a violation of this policy and/or other policies related to protected demonstrations of intellectual freedom in the District.  If the person who files such a complaint is a District employee, the provisions of section Iowa Code 70A.29 shall apply.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §279.73

July 6, 2021

June 20, 2021