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403.00 Licensed Employee Contracts

Contracts with certified personnel shall be electronic and/or in writing and shall state at a minimum the length of time the contract is in force, the total compensation for the contract period, the schedule of periodic payments, and the length of the contract year.

The superintendent/designee shall complete the contracts for licensed employees and present them to the board for approval. Once approved and signed by the board president, the superintendent/designee shall distribute to the employees for signature and filing in the relevant employee’s personnel file.

If an employee does not have a district-required endorsement, the employee shall be contractually obligated to complete the proper endorsement.

Contracts entered into with licensed employees, other than administrators, as defined by Iowa Code 279.13 will continue from year to year unless the contract states otherwise, Board and the employee mutually agree otherwise, and/or the contract is terminated by the Board. The Board may issue temporary and nonrenewable contracts in accordance with law.

Licensed employees whose contracts will be recommended for termination by the board will receive due process as required by law. The superintendent will make a recommendation to the board for the termination of the licensed employee’s contract.

Licensed employees who wish to resign, to be released from a contract, or to retire must comply with applicable law and board policies.

The Board shall not offer a renewal contract to a teacher under its jurisdiction prior to March 15 of any year. A teacher shall have a minimum of twenty-one days from the date the contract is offered to sign and return it to the District or to resign.

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Iowa Code §§ 272; 279; 20

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