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403.20 Resignation and Dismissal of Certified Personnel

Declination of Continuing Contract by Certified Employee

A teacher, as defined by Iowa Code 279.13, who has not accepted an offered contract for the ensuing school year may resign effective at the end of the current school year by filing a written resignation with the secretary of the Board. The resignation must be filed no later than the last day of the current school year or the date specified by the Board for return of the contract, whichever date occurs first. However, a teacher shall not be required to return a contract to the Board or to resign less than twenty-one days after the contract has been offered.

The Superintendent/designee will submit resignations to the Board with recommendations, as provided by law. The Board shall accept a certified employee’s resignation for the upcoming school year if it is submitted within 21 days of issuance of renewal contract.

Resignation by Certified Employee Other Than by Declination of Continuing Contract

All other resignations by certified employees, except where prohibited by law, must be filed at least thirty (30) days prior to the requested release from contract. Except as otherwise provided, no teacher, as defined by Iowa Code 279.13, resigning in these circumstances will be released from his/her contract until a suitable replacement has been found.

The resigning certified employee will be required to reimburse the District $1,000 for costs incurred in hiring a replacement employee. These expenses shall be payable to the District by the resigning teacher as a condition for Board acceptance of the resignation. The District shall not deduct these expenses from the employee’s salary unless the employee provides written permission. Failure to provide reimbursement may result in legal action.

The Superintendent/designee may file a complaint with the Board of Educational Examiners against a certified employee who leaves his/her position without a proper release.

The Superintendent/designee may waive these provisions for good cause.

Dismissal / Non-Renewal of Certified Employee

The Board may terminate a certified employee’s contract by following the contract termination or discharge procedures in Chapter 279 of the Iowa Code. Licensed employees whose contracts will be recommended for termination by the Board will receive notice of such intended action prior to April 30.

This policy does not infringe upon the Board’s ability to immediately dismiss a certified employee for cause when such action is otherwise allowed by law or policy.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §279.13, 279.15, .16., .17., .18, .19, .27.

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