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404.11 Personal Illness

Personal illness leave ensures that employees can take care of health needs. Employees who are ill are encouraged to stay home.

Absence for personal illness or injury shall be allowed according to law, current collective bargaining agreements, and/or appropriate benefits summaries and staff handbooks which are incorporated into this policy by reference.

The district may require evidence to confirm an employee’s illness and associated need for illness leave, an employee’s ability to safely return to work, and an employee’s capability to perform the duties of the employee’s position following an illness. Within the confines of the law, the superintendent/designee has discretion to determine the type and amount of evidence necessary. When an illness leave will be greater than three consecutive days, the employee will comply with the board policy regarding family and medical leave.

Legal References:
Iowa Code 20; 85.33; 85.34; 85.38(3); 216; 279.40

Cross Reference:
402.20 Family and Medical Leave
406 Series – Health and Well Being

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