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406.10 Employee Physical Examination

All employees will submit to a pre-employment physical examination that meets the conditions for employment outlined in current Iowa Code for their particular job category. The physical examination will be completed after an offer of employment is made and before the beginning of service.

The District may require fitness-for-duty examinations (either medical or psychological) for an employee when the District has objective evidence that the employee is unable to perform the essential functions of his or her job due to a medical or psychological condition and/or poses a direct threat to himself/herself or others. The grounds for seeking a fitness for duty evaluation may come from a supervisor’s own observations and/or receipt of a reliable report of the employee’s possible lack of fitness for duty from a third party.

The fitness for duty evaluation, if required, will be referred to and conducted by an independent, licensed health care practitioner (“Independent Medical Evaluator”) chosen by the District. The District is responsible for paying the cost of any fitness for duty evaluation(s) required by the District. If the employee wishes to get a second opinion, or an additional evaluation from another provider, the employee is responsible for paying the cost of any additional evaluations.

The Independent Medical Evaluator will perform the evaluation of the employee, and any necessary testing, and will provide the District with his or her medical opinion as to the employee’s fitness to perform his/her job functions. The District may use the fitness for duty evaluation results to make decisions regarding the employee’s employment status, including, without limitation, and as applicable, whether the employee maintains his/her job, termination or provision of reasonable accommodation.

To the extent allowed by law, the District shall protect the confidentiality of the evaluation and the results. Employee medical information provided by the employee to the District is maintained on a confidential basis in accordance with applicable law.

When conducting a mandated fitness for duty evaluation, the District may ask the employee to sign consent forms that permit production of medical health information to the Independent Medical Evaluator. If the employee releases medical health information to the Independent Medical Evaluator, the employee may opt to not have the medical health information released to the District. The requirements stated in the Master Contract between employees in that certified collective bargaining unit and the Board regarding physical examinations of such employees are followed.

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Cross Reference:
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