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406.20 Employee Injury on the Job

An employee who suffers any injury while on the job must inform his/her supervisor of the injury within twenty-four hours of the occurrence and file an injury report with the District’s workers’ compensation coordinator within twenty-four hours of reporting the injury.  In rare circumstances when the employee cannot reasonably be expected to report the injury or complete a written report within the established time frame, the workers’ compensation coordinator may grant an injured employee additional time to meet these requirements.

A supervisor to whom a workplace injury is reported must to complete the prescribed investigation report within the time frame established by the workers’ compensation coordinator.  The District may direct the care of an employee injured on the job through a managed care program.

An injured employee’s supervisor and/or qualified District medical personnel may attempt to contact the injured employee’s designated emergency contact and/or administer emergency or minor first aid when deemed necessary. An injured employee will be turned over to the care of the employee’s family or qualified medical personnel as quickly as possible. The school district is not responsible for medical treatment of an injured employee.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 85; 279.40; 613.17
1972 Op. Att’y Gen. 177.

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