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501.08 Placement and Acceptance of Credits Upon Transfer

The District retains the right to determine grade level placement and whether or not to accept credits earned from a student’s previous educational setting including Private Instruction. Students transferring into the Ankeny Community School District (hereinafter ACSD) must meet all established requirements to receive a diploma from ACSD.

Exceptions may be granted only through approval of the Superintendent/designee. Generally, the following will apply:

  1. Only credits earned in a high school or high school program accredited by the state’s department of education will be accepted toward meeting the graduation requirements for ACSD. Credits earned from a middle school or non-high school program that were deemed as high school credits by the sending institution may not be accepted.
  2. Students that have earned a combination of credits online and through the school curriculum will have the credits audited and may be limited to the number of online credits allowed in Policy 604.03 Virtual/On-Line Courses. Students previously enrolled in an online program may petition for an exception to those limits.
  3. The ACSD has the discretion to determine whether a credit previously earned by a student will be assigned as an elective or core credit. Students will be provided with a list that indicates which credits have been accepted as elective credits and which credits have been accepted as core credits.
  4. The ACSD has the discretion to determine the weighting of each course transferred onto the ACSD transcript for the purposes of determining a grade point average. The ACSD will consider the weighting of similar local courses, not the course weightings of the sending institution.
  5. A student who transfers from a non-accredited educational program will only be eligible for honors and awards for the actual period of time enrolled as a full-time student at ACSD.
  6. Students who participate in home school instruction, also known as Private Instruction may graduate from ACSD under certain conditions. Students must fulfill the same educational standards and minimum requirements set by the Code of Iowa and the ACSD. To receive a high school diploma, the student must be enrolled as a full-time student for a minimum of two years, 8 consecutive quarters in the District, during the student’s junior and senior year. Credits accepted for transfer are limited to those earned from a public or private institution that is accredited by a state department of education. Students may graduate upon completion of graduation requirements per Policy 505.05 Graduation Requirements (at the end of a semester); the two-year attendance requirement in the District still applies. The student’s GPA will begin to be calculated from the time when he/she is enrolled as a full-time student. Qualification for honors and awards also begins upon full-time status.

501.06 Student Transfers In
604.01 Private Instruction
604.07 Dual Enrollment
604.09 Alternative Scheduling

Adopted: December 21, 2015
Reviewed: March 23, 2020
Revised: March 23, 2020