501.31 Approval of Open Enrollment Transfers In

The Board shall take action on a request to transfer into the District under the Open Enrollment Act no later than June 1 of the preceding school year. The deadline to apply for open enrollment into the District is on or before March 1 of the preceding school year, with the exception of kindergarten students. The deadline for kindergarten students is September 1. The Superintendent/designee shall notify the district of residence within five days of Board action and will notify the parent/guardian within 5 days of Board action. Once the request has been approved, the student named in the request will be considered to be enrolled in the District and will be committed to attend in the District with the commencement of the next academic year and succeeding years as prescribed by the Iowa Code.

When deciding whether to approve a request to transfer, the Board:

  1. Will determine if a student, for which a request to transfer has been filed with a district, has been suspended or expelled, the Board will refuse the request to transfer until the student has been reinstated in the sending district.
  2. May refuse a request to transfer if insufficient classroom space exists.
  3. May refuse a request to transfer if such enrollment would adversely affect a desegregation order or plan.
  4. Shall not hire additional staff or add space in order to accommodate open enrollment students. Ratios shall be maintained as required by law, i.e. special education students.
  5. May refuse a request for a specific facility.
  6. Open Enrolled students may be reassigned attendance centers on a yearly basis based on available space.
  7. The following priorities/guidelines will be used:
    1. Space must be available in the grade level requested.
    2. First priority will be given to students who have other family members already attending in the District. For an elementary student, this does not guarantee attendance in the same elementary school. If space is not available in the elementary school that the other family members attend, the student will be assigned to another school, and put on a waiting list for the school that the other family members attend.
    3. If space is still available after accommodating those students in the first priority status, additional students except kindergartners, will be selected from those applications received by the first May Board meeting. Other open enrollment requests into the District are considered in the order received by the District with the first open enrollment request given a higher priority than the second open enrollment request and so forth.
    4. Kindergarten students will not be considered for placement until the first Board meeting in July. Selection will consider those with siblings in the District first and then chronological order of receipt.

Generally, students in grades nine through twelve open enrolling into the District will not be eligible for participation in varsity interscholastic athletic contests and competitions during the first ninety school days of enrollment into the District.

Parents of students whose open enrollment requests are approved by the superintendent are responsible for providing transportation to and from the receiving district without reimbursement. The Board will not approve transportation into the sending district.

An open enrollment request into the District from parents of a special education student is reviewed on a case by case basis. The determining factors for approval of such an open enrollment request will be whether the special education program available in the District is appropriate for the student’s needs and whether the enrollment of the special education student will cause the class size to exceed the maximum allowed. The Officer of Special Programs serving the District will determine whether the program is appropriate. The special education students will remain in the sending district until the final determination is made.

Legal Reference:
281 IAC 17.8(2)

Cross References:
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