502.05 Student Lockers

Student lockers are the property of the District. Students will use the lockers assigned to them by the District for storing their school materials and personal belongings necessary for attendance at school. It is the responsibility of students to keep their assigned lockers clean and undamaged.

To ensure students are properly maintaining their assigned lockers, the principal of the building may periodically inspect all or a random selection of lockers. Either students or another individual will be present during the inspection of lockers. Student lockers may also be searched, at any time and without advance notice, in compliance with Board Policy 502.15 Searches and Seizures, regulating search and seizure.

A copy of the completed checklist shall be sent to the Superintendent/designee.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code ยงยง 279.8; 280.14; 808A (2007).

Cross Reference:
502 Series Student Behavior and Discipline
502.15 Searches and Seizures

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