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502.14 Video Camera Supervision

The Board supports the use of video cameras as a means to monitor and maintain a safe environment for students and employees, as deemed necessary by administration. The contents of a videotape or its digital equivalent may be used as evidence in a student disciplinary proceeding.

Video data, whether in digital or analog form, is not a student record subject to Board policy and administrative regulations regarding confidential student records unless the video data is used for a student specific purpose such as discipline. The Superintendent/designee will determine those persons with a legitimate purpose to view video data.

The District may review video data when necessary due to a reported incident. A written log will be kept of those individuals reporting and/or viewing the video data and the date the video data was viewed.

Video data may be erased at the discretion of the District.

Tampering with video cameras is prohibited. Anyone found in violation of this regulation shall be disciplined in accordance with Board policy, may be reported to the police, and shall reimburse the District for any repairs or replacement necessary as a result of the incident.

April 8, 1996

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