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503.07 Student Fundraising

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Students may raise funds for school-sponsored events with the permission of the principal and coordinator at the district level. Fundraising by students for events other than school-sponsored events is not allowed at school or during school hours.  Collection boxes for school fundraising must have prior approval from the principal before being placed on school property.

It is the responsibility of the Superintendent, in conjunction with the principal, to develop administrative regulations regarding this policy.

Legal Reference:
Senior Class of Pekin High School v. Tharp, 154 N.W.2d 874 (Iowa 1967).
Iowa Code § 279.8 (2007).

Cross Reference:
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502 Student Rights and Responsibilities
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R.R.1 for Policy 503.07

Fundraising Guidance

Students may raise funds for school-sponsored events with permission of the building principal (Board policy 503.06 Student Fundraising).   A fundraising questionnaire form must be completed prior to conducting a fundraiser.  Revenues from fundraisers must be deposited intact and all expenditures made with a purchase order.

  • Guiding Principles:
    • Generally student fundraising should be minimized.
    • Each fundraiser should have a specific purpose, which can be articulated clearly by the sales agent.
    • Other sources of funding should be exhausted before fundraising is undertaken.
    • Failure to follow appropriate fund management procedures may result in a personal expense.
  • Operational suggestions:
    • Students/parents should be informed of the goal of the fundraiser and given an option to make a donation in lieu of participation.
    • Sponsors will not set an amount that each student is required to raise.
    • If items are being sold, the percentage which will actually be gained by the school organization should be identified, i.e., if the purchase of $20 worth of popcorn will net the organization $5, this should be known. A person might prefer to give a $5 donation rather than buy the $20 worth of product.
    • Rewards must benefit the group as a whole. The emphasis should be on working for the activity or group rather than for themselves.
    • A completed fundraising reconciliation report is required.
    • Policy 504.11 Wellness must be considered when planning a fundraiser. Contact Nutrition Services for specific information.

Please download and enter information into the fillable portions.

Fundraising Request Form

Student Resale Reconciliation