504.06 Non-School Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the total educational opportunity for all students. The primary objective of the extracurricular program is to encourage student participation in a structured, wholesome, well-supervised setting. The right to participate in multiple extracurricular activities is open to all students. If participation conflicts occur between District extracurricular activities, these conflicts will be resolved between the student involved, the persons in charge of the extracurricular activity, and the Activities Director.

Once students make the commitment to participate in the District sponsored extracurricular activity, they must accept the responsibility of following rules of training and conduct established by those in charge of the extracurricular activity. These rules will be provided to students participating in the District extracurricular activity at or prior to the first regular meeting of the activity.

A non-school activity may not involve participation that would jeopardize the amateur status of the student athlete. A student participating in a non-school activity may not wear the school uniform, insignia, or any other indication of Ankeny school affiliation. Violation of the use of the school name, uniform, or requirement provision will result in cancellation of non-school participation permission.

Student participants in school-sponsored programs must be in compliance with, in order:

  1. Regulations established by the Iowa Department of Education;
  2. The constitution of the state governing organization;
  3. District policies governing extracurricular activities; and
  4. Board approved written participation and behavior guidelines established by those in charge of the extracurricular activity.

The responsibility for enforcement of and adherence to this policy governing extracurricular activities is held by the Activities Director and/or the building Principal/designee and the adult directly responsible for the instruction and supervision of the activity. Final authority for activity programs rests with the Board.

December 17, 1984

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