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504.42 Identifying and Reporting Child Abuse

All certificated or licensed employees are mandatory reporters as provided by law and shall report any alleged incidents of child abuse they become aware of within the scope of their professional duties.  When a mandatory reporter has a reasonable belief that a child under 18 years of age has been abused by a person responsible for the care of the child, as defined by law, the mandatory reporter shall report the suspected abuse orally to the Iowa Department of Human Services (DHS) within 24 hours of becoming aware of the allegedly abusive incident and shall make a written report to the Iowa Department of Human Services within 48 hours following the oral report. If the mandatory reporter believes the child is in immediate danger, the mandatory reporter shall also notify local law enforcement.

The failure on the part of an employee who is a mandatory reporter to make a report as required by law may subject the employee to disciplinary action up to and including discharge.

The district encourages non-certificated and non-licensed employees to report suspected child abuse using the process above.

Reports of child abuse shall remain confidential, as required by law.

The district shall provide required  training on the identification and reporting of child abuse to all mandatory reporters employed by the district within six months of their initial employment and at required intervals thereafter. The district shall also provide each new employee who is a mandatory reporter with the legal requirements related to child abuse reporting within one month of initial employment.

The district shall cooperate fully with DHS personnel with regard to in child abuse investigation(s), including but not limited to by providing confidential interview access to the child named in the report and/or to other children alleged to have relevant information. The district recognizes no obligation to contact the parents/guardians of a child suspected to be a victim of abuse.

Legal Reference:
Iowa §280.17
Iowa Administration, Code 281-102

Cross Reference:
504.41-Abuse of Students by District Employees

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