505.04 Testing

A comprehensive assessment and testing program shall be established. The District will participate in state identified assessments as well as locally developed assessments as a method of evaluating and improving the total program of the District and identifying student achievement growth.

The Superintendent/designee, with assistance from the professional staff, shall select instruments and determine procedures to evaluate educational programs and student achievement and performance as outlined in Iowa Code, Section 280.18. The instructional staff shall administer, score, analyze, and adjust practices based upon common assessment data which is aligned to District standards & benchmarks.The Board shall have the responsibility of granting approval of the testing program.

Information on composite student achievement shall be reported annually to the Board, the patrons of the District, and the Iowa Department of Education. The Board shall review this information and use it as a resource to set goals for improving student achievement and performance.

Testing may also be utilized to receive credit toward graduation. The Board may grant credit for course work by performance testing. Students wishing to receive credit by testing shall have the approval of the principal prior to taking the test. Testing for credit may only be utilized prior to attending any classes of a course. Once a student has started a course, they must attend the class and complete the required work for credit. Testing may be required for courses taken outside of the District before credit is approved.

Cross Reference:
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