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505.04 Testing

The District shall establish a comprehensive assessment program. The District will participate in state identified assessments as well as locally developed assessments as a method of evaluating and improving the total program of the District and identifying student achievement growth.

The superintendent/designee shall select instruments and determine procedures to evaluate educational programs and student achievement and performance and present general information about the testing program to the Board for approval.

The superintendent/designee shall annually report on composite student achievement to the Board, the community, the Iowa Department of Education, and any other entities required by law or policy. The Board shall review this information and use it as a resource to set goals for improving student achievement.

No student is required, as part of any applicable program funded by the Unites State Department of Education to submit to a survey, analysis, or evaluation that reveals information concerning:

  • political affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent:
  • mental or psychological problems of the student or the student’s family;
  • sex behavior or attitudes;
  • illegal, anti-social, self-incriminating or demeaning behavior;
  • critical appraisals of other individuals with whom respondents have close family relationships;
  • legally recognized, privileged and analogous relationships, such as those of lawyers, physicians and ministers;
  • religious practices, affiliations or beliefs of the student or student’s parent; or
  • income,(other than that required by law to determine eligibility for participation in a program or for receiving financial assistance under such program);

No student is required, without the prior consent of the student (if the student is an adult or emancipated minor), or in the case of an unemancipated minor, without the prior written consent of the parent, as part of any applicable program, funded by the Unites State Department of Education, to submit to a survey, analysis or evaluation.

The Board may grant credit for course work by performance testing. Students wishing to receive credit by testing shall be pre-approved by the principal/designee to take the test. Testing for credit may only be utilized prior to attending any classes of a course. Once a student has started a course, they must attend the class and complete the required work for credit. Testing may be required for courses taken outside of the District before credit is approved.

Cross Reference:
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