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505.07 Commencement

Commencement is the ceremony held at the high school level when a student meets the academic requirements for graduation or early graduation. Students who have met the academic graduation requirements and are considered in “good standing”, will be allowed to participate in the commencement ceremony provided they abide by rules and procedures set by the District. It is the responsibility of the principal/designee to solicit input from each graduating class regarding the proceedings for their commencement. “Good standing” means a student has no diciplinary violations, outstanding fines, and/or the student is considered enrolled in the District. A full explanation of “Good Standing” is provided in the following Rules and Regulations.

Failure of a student to participate in commencement will not be a reason for withholding the student’s final progress report or diploma certifying the student’s completion of high school.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code §§ 279.8; 280.3 (2007).
281 I.A.C. 12.5;

Cross Reference:
505 Student Scholastic Achievement
505.09 Enrollment
503.03 Fines-Fees-Charges

505.07 – Rules and Regulations

Good standing consists of:

Enrollment: If a student meets the academic graduation credits, but due to extenuating circumstances is not enrolled in 6 credits or PE the second semester of their senior year, the parent/guardian may request the development of an individualized graduation plan (IGP) with the building principal. The building principal may make recommendations for academic expectations, including, but not limited to work/employment, online credit, independent learning, etc. to satisfy the enrollment requirement. The parent/guardian has final discretion in the content of the IGP. If the student then fulfills the expectations in the IGP, it will satisfy the enrollment requirement and the student will be eligible to participate in commencement.

Discipline: Senior students are subject to all expectations for student conduct outlined in building handbooks and board policies including but not limited to Student Conduct, Good Conduct Rules, and Student Attendance. Principals/designee will annually advise students that behavior like “senior skip day”, senior pranks, initiations, or other similar misconduct is not exempted from the expectations in this policy. Students who fail to follow the District’s expectations may be subject to disciplinary action and could be prohibited from participating in commencement.

Fines: Students will be notified of any outstanding fines owed to the District. Fines are not subject to waiver as provided in policy 503.03 Fines-Fees-Charges. Students are to have all outstanding fines paid in full prior to commencement. Students may, in lieu of payment, arrange to work or provide community service by contacting the building principal/designee prior to the commencement ceremony.

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