505.30 Public Gifts to Schools

Gifts which may serve to enhance and extend the work of the schools may be received by the District. The District encourages gifts of equipment or services that are not likely to be acquired from public fund expenditures. Generally the following will apply when the District accepts gifts:

  1. Equipment contributed to the schools becomes the property of the District and is subject to the same controls and regulations that govern the use of other school-owned property.
  2. Contributions of equipment or services that may involve major costs for installation or maintenance or initial or continuing financial commitments from school funds shall be presented by the Superintendent’s office for Board consideration and approval.
  3. Because of differences in economic resources available to the various schools, and for other reasons, the purchase of equipment on a matching fund basis (part of cost provided by an individual or organization and part by the Board from public funds) are discouraged.
  4. Individuals or organizations desiring to contribute supplies or equipment will counsel with school officials regarding the acceptability of such contributions in advance of the solicitation of funds or by making budgetary appropriations.
  5. A list of supplies and equipment contributed primarily for school use shall be reported to the Board by the Superintendent’s office at least annually.
  6. Gifts for computer or other technology purchase will be accepted consistent with the technology plan.
  7. Gifts for facilities will be accepted consistent with the facility plan of the District and if necessary will be renovated or built consistent with the required building codes or regulations applicable to education entities.

Gifts made to the schools become the property of the Board. Their use shall be regulated by the individual school or District under the direction of the Board.

Rules and Regulations:

  1. Parent Teacher Organizations (PTO) are encouraged to work in coordination with teachers and administrators for planned giving to the building. To guide the PTO in determining desirable gifts to the schools, it is suggested that priority lists be developed, reviewed and annually edited.
  2. It should be understood that it is the responsibility of the Board to spend money raised through school taxes to purchase necessary and needed equipment for the schools, but if money is not available, the PTO may purchase additional gifts. It shall also be understood that final determination of the acceptability of gift shall be made by the Board with attention to the parameters provided in the Board Policy. This favorable action should be requested before the money is raised for the gift. Such items as books, clothing, health items, necessary educational materials for needy children, food for needy children, miscellaneous items of small cost, and recreational items do not need prior Board approval.
  3. The fact that a PTO unit has given a certain gift to one school does not preclude the purchase of such equipment, supplies, or services for other schools by the Board.

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December 21, 2009
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