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507.50 Emergency Plans and Drills

Students will be informed of the appropriate action to take in an emergency. Emergency drills for fire, weather, and other critical incidents will be conducted each school year. Fire, tornado, and critical incident drills will each be conducted as required by state and federal rules.

Legal Reference:

Iowa Code 100.31
281 I.A.C.41.25(3)

R.R. for Policy #507.50

Each attendance center will develop and maintain a written plan containing emergency and critical incident procedures. The plan will be communicated to and reviewed with employees. The emergency plan will include:

  1. Assignment of employees to specific tasks and responsibilities;
  2. Instructions relating to the use of alarm systems and signals. If combination visual and auditory warning devices do not exist, the plan shall include specific provisions for warning individuals with hearing impairments;
  3. Information concerning methods of fire containment;
  4. Systems for notification of appropriate persons and agencies;
  5. Information concerning the location and use of fire fighting equipment;
  6. Specific evacuation routes and procedures;
  7. Posting plans and procedures at suitable locations throughout the facility;
  8. Evacuation drills which include the actual evacuation of individuals to safe areas; and
  9. An evaluation for each evacuation drill.

Employees will participate in emergency drills. Licensed employees will be responsible for instructing the proper techniques to be followed in the drill.

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