507.20 Student Safety

The safety of students shall be assured through close supervision of students in all District buildings and grounds. Each school will develop and implement the following procedures:

  1. Maintain a safe school environment. Safety experts, including local building inspectors, state regulatory agencies, and federal enforcement personnel, may be called in periodically to inspect the physical condition of all buildings, vehicles, and grounds.
  2. Observe safe practices on the part of Districtpersonnel and students, particularly in those areas of instruction or extracurricular activities which offer special hazards.
  3. Offer safety education to students as germane to particular subjects as laboratory courses in science, shop courses, and health and physical education.
  4. Provide, through the services of the school nurse, first aid care for students in case of accident or sudden illness.
  5. Report strangers seen loitering in or near District buildings or seated in parked automobiles by the buildings, as they will be considered suspicious by all staff. The principal/designee will be informed of suspicious strangers and will notify the police, if warranted.
  6. Staff will instruct students not to accept gifts or automobile rides from strangers. The students will also be instructed to tell staff, their parents/guardians, police, and/or school patrols of any suspicious strangers.
  7. Staff will encourage students to report unsafe behavior that compromises the safety of the school environment.

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