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601.30 Emergency School Closings

The Superintendent / designee, will have the authority to close or to delay the opening of schools because of extreme weather or other emergency conditions for the length of time the emergency exists. The superintendent/designee will make provisions to publicly announce such closings or delayed opening via available mass communication media as soon as possible after the decision is made.

R.R. 601.30: School Closing Procedures

Non-Weather Related Events:

If classes at any school are cancelled or students are dismissed early due to an emergency other than weather, activities will be cancelled or adjusted depending upon the emergency.

Weather Related Events:

High School
If school is cancelled or dismissed early because of weather, activities may be cancelled or adjusted to a later time that day. The Superintendent/designee, in consultation with the principal/designee, will decide on activity practice/performance cancellations or set a delayed start time for such events that day.

Middle School
All activities will be cancelled, unless they are a part of an approved high school activity.

All activities will be cancelled.

District/school building meetings will be cancelled.

Weekend Events
The Superintendent/Designee, in consultation with the responsible administrator, will decide if weekend events will be cancelled.

Non-School Events
Community Engagement and outside facility rental events scheduled in or on school facilities are cancelled if the Ankeny schools have closed for weather or other emergencies. If the weather turns bad or an emergency arises after school is over for the day and before the evening event, it is up to the responsible Superintendent/designee to decide if their event is going to be held. The Superintendent/designee will communicate that decision to the participants.

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