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602.02 Instructional Practices

To carry out the district’s educational program, the board shall approve a curriculum consistent with state and federal requirements, building principals shall administer and monitor the adopted curriculum by ensuring quality instruction and ongoing assessment in the buildings they lead, and teachers shall deliver quality instruction for all students. In furtherance therefore, the board adopts beliefs and instructional practices to foundational aspects of the desired learning experience and the district’s strategic plan.

The district acknowledges that the following beliefs and practices are consistent with implementation of an
educational program designed to prepare all students for a lifetime of personal success: 

  • All students are capable of high levels of learning.
  • Learning develops over time, and students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate learning.
  • The district must clearly articulate the expectations, learning targets, and behavioral goals associated with the standards at each grade level to students and parents.
  • The district must consistently report and measure progress toward designated standards.
  • Teachers must gather ongoing evidence of student progress toward the relevant standards so instruction can be differentiated and include descriptive feedback for students.
  • Teachers must use data to evaluate the effectiveness of their practice.
  • Assigned work must support student’s attainment of and/or progress toward relevant standards.
  • The district shall communicate about student performance as measured against the standards whenever possible.

The superintendent/designee will develop rules and regulations for the implementation of this policy.


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