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603.01 Extended Year Programming

Extended school year services beyond the standard 1080 hours instructional year will be provided for students with disabilities who qualify for services in accordance with the law. The determination for extended school year services (ESY) will be made by the special education team based on student data as well as the guidelines established by the State of Iowa and the Heartland Area Education Agency.

R.R. for Policy #603.01

The Board of Education recognizes students learn in different ways and at different paces. Some students need additional instruction to master grade level/subject area standards, benchmarks, and objectives. At each grade level there will be opportunities for students to be placed in intervention groups so that the individual needs of pupils may be met in a more satisfactory manner. The placement into intervention groups will be done solely for the purpose of providing an improved educational opportunity for each child to develop to the maximum of his/her potential.

The following criteria will be employed in determining intervention needs of individual pupils in the Ankeny Community School District.

  • A recommendation from the classroom teacher and/or principal with the assistance and advice of other members of the professional staff.
  • Achievement of the pupil as reflected in the earned scores the child has achieved on validated standardized tests in specific subject-matter areas with particular emphasis on individual student growth.
  • Student demonstrated mastery of the standards, benchmarks, and objectives on an alternative test, as determined by the District.

If students’ scores do not meet the requirements of mastery they will be scheduled into an intervention group. Students will not be able to opt out of the intervention group until they have shown adequate mastery of the identified grade level/subject area standards, benchmarks, and objectives.

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