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603.15 Intra-District Academic Offerings

The Board will review the District’s curriculum on the designated review cycle. Every effort will be made to have equitable offerings within the K-12 system despite the building or feeder system. The administration will draft rules and regulations to assist in implementation of this policy. Specific rules will discuss under what exceptions, if any, curriculum and course offerings will differ.

January 16, 2012

June 19, 2017
July 15, 2019

June 19, 2017

Cross Reference:
602.01 Curriculum, Development, Implementation and Evaluation

R.R. 1 #603.15

The administration in conjunction with the Board will review the curriculum at a District level. Measures will be in place to ensure the curriculum is being implemented equitably in District buildings.

Definition: Home School means the student’s assigned school based upon the residence of parent/guardian of record.

Exceptions to additional programming at one school or another, specifically at the high school, may exist under the following circumstances:

  1. Facility availability-It is not economical to support an automotive program at both high schools; therefore course offerings will be based out of one high school. In this case, students within either high school may choose to enroll in the automotive or building trades program. Transportation will be provided to those students and the counselors will design schedules that will maximize instructional time for these students.
  2. Student enrollment- The administration does have discretion to determine whether a course will be offered annually in each building. Administration may base the decision to offer a course at one of the high schools on the number of students enrolled in the class. The administration may determine that it is not economically feasible to offer the class every year in each building.
  3. Pilot-classes- Administration may determine it will run a “pilot” class at a high school and not offer it at the other high school.
    Special programming- The District may determine that due to programming needs, a program will be offered at one specific building. Examples of programming differentiation may be in DMACC or level 3 self-contained special education programming.

Changes in home school for purposes of extra-curricular or sports activities: Students who attend another building or high school different from their home school, will attend that high school or building for the sole purpose of receiving instruction in the program. The student’s home school will not change for purposes of athletics or activities. The exception to this is for students who may be in a special education program as provided in paragraph 5. Those students may choose the attendance center or feeder system for participation in extra-curricular or sports programming.

Generally, a student will not find it necessary to go to the other high school to receive courses, with the exception of the automotive and building trades programs. There will be an opportunity for a student to make application for access to courses at the other high school.

If administration determines a course will not be offered at one of the high schools and a student submits an application to take the class at the other high school the following will be considered in determining whether the student’s application will be granted:

  1. Grade level in the high school
  2. The student’s class schedule and advancement toward required credits
  3. The rotation schedule for offering the class at the home school
  4. Whether the class is considered a prerequisite.How many students are already enrolled in the class

Application Process:

  1. Fill out the online application form
  2. Submit the application to the high school principal by August 1 for first semester classes and November 1 for second semester classes.
  3. Application must have the signature of the student, parent or guardian, advisor, and home school principal
  4. Reason for access to the class.

For the application to be considered, it must be supported by the home school principal and student advisor. The decision to accept the application is at the discretion of principal of the school offering the class after reviewing the above criteria. If the application is approved the District will assume responsibility for transportation between building sites.

June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017