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604.04 Program for Students at Risk

“At-risk” students are those who are at risk of not meeting the goals of the District’s educational program, and/or completing a high school education.

The Board recognizes that some students may require additional assistance in order to successfully complete the required education program. The Board shall provide program services to encourage and support students and provide an opportunity for students “at risk” to achieve their potential and obtain their high school diploma.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent/designee to develop program services for students “at risk.”

Administrative regulations will be developed for identifying students, for program evaluation, and for training District personnel.

Rules and Regulations

The Core Diploma is recognized as a high school diploma from Ankeny Community Schools. The diploma indicates the student has met the standards for learning in the core academic areas of Math, English, Social Studies and Science as defined by Ankeny School’s curriculum.

To be eligible for a Core Diploma, the student must be identified at a high risk of dropping out of school and served in a form of “at risk” programming.

To be identified, the principal/designee will work with teachers, counselors, and Chief Officer of Academic Services/designee as needed. Individual circumstances on a case by case basis will be reviewed. Prime consideration will be given to the following students:

  • Over age for their comparable student group or;
  • Deficient in the credits needed to graduate with their class or;
  • Students who have already been in the system and failed to graduate with comparable student group; or
  • Other extenuating circumstances that prevent the student from completing 48 credits.
  • The high school principal/designee will have full discretion approving a student for the Core Diploma.

The Core Diploma is not to be used as an avenue for graduation for students who merely want to graduate early, or for students who view this as a less rigorous way to meet curricular requirements associated with graduation.

Cross Reference:
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