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604.07 Dual Enrollment

Students who are home schooled and who wish to participate in District programs must dual enroll in the District.

Dual enrolled students shall be held to same expectations for participation, attendance, and adherence to Board policies and procedures as regularly- enrolled students. A student participating in District programs via dual enrollment must receive at least one-quarter of their instruction via competent private instruction and no more than three-quarters via the District’s academic programs, including, but not limited to, art, music, and physical education, but not including recess and/or lunch. A dual-enrolled student may take post-secondary education courses according to District guidelines.

The District shall provide texts and/or supplemental instructional materials to dual-enrolled students on the same basis as they are provided to regularly-enrolled students. Fees, including but not limited to, those for textbooks, towel rental, and/or extracurricular materials that are charged to regularly- enrolled students may be charged on the same basis to relevant dual-enrolled students.

A dual-enrolled student may also participate in any extracurricular activity offered by the District on the same basis, including eligibility policies and participation guidelines, as any regularly-enrolled student.

Home school and dual-enrolled students are not full-time students and, therefore, are not eligible for academic honors and awards and/or for class rankings. Home school and dual-enrolled students are eligible for extracurricular letters and awards for the activities in which they participate.

Legal References:
Iowa Code 279.8, 299A
281 Iowa Administrative Code 31
Iowa Department of Education Declaratory Ruling #33/#44

Cross References:
#501.11 – Compulsory Attendance
#505.05 – Graduation Requirements

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