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604.09 Alternative Scheduling

For students engaged in a bona fide articulated athletic/arts training, the District will allow for an alternative school schedule. This is offered through a pilot program with the goal of giving students the ability to attend school, to pursue an area of interest while accessing regular school enrollment. The policy is for students who would not otherwise qualify for Dual Enrollment. This policy does not cover programs provided by agencies associated with outside agencies that provide instruction for students requiring special education, mental health, and/or rehabilitation services. The Superintendent/designee will draft administrative rules implementing the details of the program. The following are the Board’s requirements for the program:

  • Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:
    • Students must be in Grades 4-12 to be eligible.
    • Applications must be submitted by February 1 the year preceding the alternative schedule.
    • Students must apply for the alternative schedule annually and will commit to remaining in the program for at least an academic semester.
    • Students must be in strong academic standing and must maintain a satisfactory level of progress while in the program as measured by proficiency on statewide standards. Failure to follow the academic guidelines may lead to a revocation of the scheduling agreement.
    • Students and parents will sign an agreement in the attached Rules and Regulations to adhere to the requirements of the program.
    • Students must submit the bona fide training program with the application.
    • Any costs associated with transportation, online curricula, tutoring, or fees outside the regular instructional program will be borne by parents/guardians.

This policy is subject to the guidelines in other Board policies. For example, students who choose to take classes online may only be able to use a limited number of those credits for graduation.

January 20, 2014

February 18, 2019