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604.13 Virtual / On-Line Courses

To the extent permitted by law, the District may authorize 9th – 12th grade school students to complete coursework in virtual and/or online settings. Without restricting the ability of eligible students to enroll in approved online courses pursuant to Board Policy 604.06 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Institution, students may typically only earn high school credit for completion of online courses in the following circumstances.

  • The course is not offered at their attendance center; or
  • Although the course is offered at the high school, the student will not be able to take it due to an unavoidable scheduling conflict that would keep the student from meeting graduation requirements; or
  • The course will serve as a supplement to extend homebound instruction; or
  • The student has been expelled from the regular school setting, but educational services are to be continued; or

The principal/designee, with agreement from the student’s teachers and parents, determines the student requires a differentiated or accelerated learning environment. Students applying for permission to take an online course shall complete designated prerequisites and other eligibility requirements outlined in the student handbook.

Provided the approved online course is part of the student’s regular school day during the fall and/or spring semester, the District shall bear the tuition cost for the approved student’s participation in that course as outlined in law and/or any contractual agreements with the institution offering the course. The tuition cost may be passed on to the parent/guardian during the summer semester. Any additional costs such as for textbooks, rentals, and/or school supplies shall, to the extent permissible by law, be borne by the parents/guardians for students enrolled full-time.

The student must provide the District with an official record of the final grade earned in the online course in order for graduation credit to be recognized.

The Superintendent/designee shall develop administrative regulations to implement this policy.

This policy does not apply to the coursework earned in the Alternative Program.

Legal Reference:
Iowa Code 256.9 (55), 279.8
281 I.A.C.15
 IASB Policy Primer

Cross Reference:
604.06 Instruction at a Post-Secondary Institution
605.70 Technology Use By Students
605.80 Technology and Instruction Materials
501.06 Student Transfers In

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