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605.00 Selection of Instructional Materials

The Board has the sole discretion to approve instructional materials for the District. The board delegates its authority to determine which instructional materials will be utilized and purchased by the school district to licensed employees. The Superintendent/designee shall establish a process for regular review and selection of instructional materials that will be recommended to the Board for approval.

In reviewing materials that may be recommended to the Board, the Superintendent/designee shall endeavor to provide a wide range of instructional materials at all levels of difficulty and shall consider the materials’ instructional and cultural relevance, age appropriateness, diversity of approach, presentation of different points of view, alignment to the District’s current and future needs, trends in educational pedagogy, and/or societal shifts.

Materials given to the District without expectation of payment must meet the criteria established herein and must be in compliance with Board Policy, including 802.70 Gifts, Donations, Grants and Bequests and 606.70 Community Resources.

Cross Reference
606.70 Community Resources
802.70 Gifts, Donations, Grants, and Bequests

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